Dhafir D. Dalaly - President:Our financial institution was established with the primary goal of providing a wide selection of financial products and professional services which expeditiously assist borrowers with transactions in excess of Ten Million Dollars.

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Import and Export

Exactly what do we import and export? Where does it come from and where does it go? The answers are best expressed in two simple words: anything; anywhere. Our philosophy places no limit on the nature of goods and services that can be handled. However, our special areas of interest include energy, manufacturing, textiles, technology, pharmaceuticals, appliances, sporting and recreational equipment, construction materials, consumer goods and much more.

Whatever you want, from wherever it comes, consider FIEG, Inc. as your import/export source. We have the necessary expertise, financial resources and contacts to work effectively in this area anywhere in the world. However, if you are a North America businessman who especially wants to deal with the Arab world, we can be of exceptional service to you. We have helped others: we can help you.

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